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Diary and Garden Calendar

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1. Garden Calendar, 2022-2023
2. Garden Yearbook, 2022-2023
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Special offer

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In the calendar and diary you will find plenty of illustrated and detailed monthly information, about growing vegetables, trees and flowers, ideas for green-making, sowing times, planting and harvesting.
This new and wonderful edition "Butterflies and flowers" invites us to know the local butterflies and their nectar habitat plants In this new edition of the calendar " Butterflies and Flowers" you will find an abundance of detailed and illustrated knowledge per month – on growing vegetables, trees and flowers; ideas for “green” projects; and sowing, planting and harvesting times.
Hanging Calendar
14 double pages: 12 months plus 3 months of the coming year
32 cm wide | 42 cm high

Weekly Diary
Monthly Double and Lists Pages; 142 pages, 12 months
5 cm wide | 20 cm high
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