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A bit about me:

I’m Ilana. I cook and nurture (vegetables & children) in the Jerusalem Hills.


Graduate in visual communications at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

Co-owner of “David & Ilana” vegan catering


Forager and leader of foraging walks


Home agriculturist and teacher in gardening and sustainability  


Rescuer of vegetables that have been neglected on the shelf






“A Year in the Garden” is the first project in which I’ve combined my 4 professional skills — foraging; cooking; agriculture; and illustrating. And I’m thrilled to present the calendar to you.

With “A Year in the Garden” I feel that I can finally combine all my passions into one creation, which is not only both visual and practical, but also aids in spreading the knowledge I’ve collected until now — knowledge I believe belongs to all of us. Within the framework of the calendar, I hope to raise awareness of the amazing and ever-changing seasonal cycles, the growth of food, and the nutritional abundance available to us all from Mama Earth.

הצטרפו אלינו
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